What is Bumble Bee

The joys of parenthood are endless. There is nothing more special than the bliss you have with your little one(s). Truth be told though, there are several experiences from your life before kids that you miss! Can you remember the last time you actually finished a conversation? How about that novel that never gets read? Tending to your child’s sweet demands has taken up all your time, right?

Bumblebee seeks to bring some element of calmness back to your life. A parent's job is rewarding – but it’s no cakewalk! It’s fun, exciting and heart-warming, but oh can it be exhausting!

Bumblebee a family restaurant, strives to be your oasis of restoration. We have created a play space that interacts and engages with your children - enjoyment all in view from your seat. Coffee in hand, muffin in the other, child at play in his/her own little world, what can possibly be wrong with this picture? Absolutely nothing.

The old adage “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy” is oh so true!


For you Busy dads, we've got your back too! Get your kids and friends we take care of your kids while you catch up with your friends. So give your wife a break while you too could have fun with your friends.

After a whole week of exhaustion at work parents do need their own space and at the same time cant ignore their kids so we have created a place which is a blend of both where kids are happy to play in an indoor safe play area while you could relax outside on pleasant music catch up with friends, have dinner, or work on our wifi zone.

Why do we need Bumble Bee

Coffee. food. kids..A Kid Friendly Cafe

Bumblebee is the joining of three passions: Coffee, Food and Kids. We are here to meet the expressed needs of parents while providing an atmosphere for kids to be themselves. We are the kid friendly coffee shop. Just nod if any of the following resonate.

  • It's so quiet in this cafe and my children are being loud - totally uncomfortable!

  • My flat is pretty small….and oh, you're bringing all your kids?

  • Finish a conversation? What? Is that possible once you have kids?

  • No play area for kids around!

  • Mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy!

  • Down time and "me" time is what I need...yes, I'll take a delicious latte please.

Families That Play Together Stay Together

We applaud your decision to raise kids in the city. You are why we created a kid friendly coffee shop called Bumblebee. As a family restaurant, we firmly believe the old saying “The family that plays together stays together.” So come play!

We have created an environment that allows you – the parents – time to catch up and enjoy adult conversation…moments with no interruptions. What’s great, is the indoor playground. Your kids will never even know you’re actually here for yourself. Go figure.

Kids – Yes, It's All About You!

We love you little guys! You bring smiles and laughs to us daily. We’ve also come to realize that the world revolves around you! “Mommy, Bumblebee is all about me – thanks!” (Parents: Let them think that…in reality, Bumblebee was created for us!

Bumblebee – The Perfect Place for Everyone

Moms, Dads, Kids, Singles, Friends, Neighbors – whoever you are – we’re glad you’re here - you're family! Bumblebee's vision is to be a beacon of light within Hyderabad, while being Hyderabad's kid friendly coffee shop. So relax and enjoy one of our specialty drinks and pastries in our soundproof and separate cafe seating area – we’ll take care of the rest.

A great Place for

  • Catching up with friends

  • Kitty Parties

  • Birthday parties

  • Get-togtehers

About the promoters

What We’re All About!

Children bring bright smiles, high energy and wonderment into our daily lives. But there are some times when you just need 20 minutes of peace. Maybe you want to read a newspaper, chat with a friend or do some work..

Bumblebee - a place where child energy thrives and parent relaxation is cultivated—was founded for that very reason!

Being twin parents, it was very difficult for us to take the two out for the first two years. While trying our hands on going with kids to eat out, we many a times felt an awkward moment – the dreaded “you’re-disturbing-my-peace-please-remove-your-kids” stare. Not only did standing in line ordering seem uncomfortable, but trying to fit in a laptop jungle while getting dirty looks had us gulping down our cappuccinos. And our kids, well, they acted like any normal, incredibly curious two-year-old. Spilling the coffee just seemed too much. Knowing we had to face it regular, we walked home thinking there had to be an alternative. That day, we conceived a new idea.

We dreamt of a place where parents could enjoy their coffee and food, could get some work done, and had someone to help watch their kids for an hour or two—without costing an arm and a leg. This place was not a daycare or a preschool. This place was a cafe with a supervised play area where kids five and under could explore, play and socialize. In this place, parents could work, comfortably interact with adults and still keep an eye on the people watching their kids. This place offered free WiFi and welcomed parents, children and anyone who appreciated great coffee drinks and tasty fare.

A friend(now our partner), Rajkumar incredibly cooperarated with us in making our dream a reality.

This is how Bumblebee came into our lives & existence!

~ Jinal & Anand Shah

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